Things to Know Before Joining Canada Star Secondary School

 Secondary schooling is one of the most crucial elements in a student's life, where they should get an excellent quality education, which can take them to the next level. Parents should ensure that students join a standard school and obtain an excellent education before entering a prestigious university. A large number of students are travelling abroad for high school studies. There has been an increase of about 55% in students' enrolment in Canadian high schools over the past five years. Thus, Canada is the best place for secondary schooling. Among them, Canada Star Secondary School, Richmond tops the list in quality and excellence.

Canada Star Secondary School is one of the best private schools in Canada that offers a good quality education as well as a safe and serene atmosphere for students. Every year, numerous students, which involve both locals and international students, enter the school's doors to achieve their dreams. Before getting admission, there are some things you should know about the school:

Admission Procedure


You can directly encounter the admission officer of Canada Star Secondary School, Richmond, for an application or apply online on the school's website. After this, the required documents should be submitted, and an interview will be scheduled with the admissions officer. Once the documents are reviewed, the student will receive an offer letter. The tuition fees should be paid at obtaining the same. In the case of international students, they have to take an assessment to check their reading, writing, speaking skills, etc.

Requirements of Application

• A completed application form

• Original transcripts of the last two years, also including an English translation

• External English test result, if the test was taken outside

• A copy of the passport's information page

• Application fee of 200$

• Records of past immunizations



The fees have to be paid per semester and is different for domestic and international students. The exact amounts are as follows:

• Domestic students, who are Canadian citizens: 7,400$ per semester

• International students applying for a study permit: 9,250$ per semester

Additional fees include application fees, student service fees, curricular activities club fees, school uniform, medical insurance, etc. Optional fees include homestay fees, custodianship fees, sports team registration, etc. The precise amounts are available on the website of this private school in Canada.. Domestic payments can be made through cash, bank draft, or private cheque, whereas international payments are made through flywire.

Student Life

Canada Star Secondary school, Richmond, offers classes from 9:00 am to 3:20 pm every weekday. After this time, students can stay for the optional tutorial classes to reinforce the gained knowledge. In addition, the student will also get to participate in extracurricular activities, picnics, field trips, etc., thereby offering a stress-free schedule. The aim is to nurture values like determination, hard work, self-reliance, teamwork, etc. Student clubs include physical education & sports clubs, community service & volunteering, and leadership programs. The faculty includes eminent teachers with great expertise in the subjects who help them understand the subjects in-depth and achieve success.


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